Frequently Asked Questions

Price Information on PriceDrummer are updated once a day. In the future, we will update price information several times per day to ensure that you see the best deals. If you find any discrepancy, we will appreciate if you prompt us:

Is Shipping/Delivery Cost Included in the Listed Prices? Some retailers do offer free delivery for specific products. At this point it is difficult to separate them from the other products. We are working hard to ensure that we get this information from retailers. Prices listed in Ghana mostly include applicable fees and taxes.

We will ALWAYS list prices in descending order (lowest to highest). That is, best deals will be shown when comparing prices. We are not influenced by how much

When you find a product on PriceDrummer and you click through to the retailer site, the retailer pay us a small fee. In most cases, we are not paid. We always show the best deal first, no matter how much we are paid.

Secondly, some of our associates/clients ask us to promote their products on PriceDrummer. These are run as advertising banners on our site. For this, we take a small fee.

If you have a product that you have purchased from a retailer shop, we advise that you contact the retailer directly in case you have any issues with the product. However, if it is about a specific feature on PriceDrummer, then send a mail to