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Food Mixers & Processors Buying Guide

Do you find yourself kneading, slicing, grinding, and whisking a lot by hand in your kitchen lately. Maybe it's time you swapped all that hard work for a food mixer or food processor. They are handy devices that can get the job done much faster without breaking a sweat. By this buying guide, we will introduce basic features these device have to offer.

Types of Food Mixers & Processors

Food Mixers

Food mixers are typically used for baking. Thus it is used for tasks like kneading dough and whisking eggs. The 2 types of mixers are hand mixers and stand mixers.

Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are meant for less-demanding baking task. It is a handheld device equipped with metal beaters. The beaters are what you use for whipping and whisking. They are more portable than stand mixers. Some models have interchangeable attachments where you can swap the beater for a dough hook or a wire whisk.

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers can sustain intensive baking tasks better than hand mixers. A standard stand mixer will have a stand, a mixing bowl and an arm. The arm typically can fit different attachments like a whisk, a beater or a dough hook. Other models too can fit additional accessories for blending and mincing.

Food Processors

A food processor is typically used for mixing and chopping solid and near-solid foods. The 2 types of processors are mini choppers and food processors.

Mini Choppers/Food Chopper

Mini Choppers are used for small tasks. If u need a quick purée or a few chopped vegetables, a mini chopper can get that done. However, they can not handle differing tasks like a food processor does.

Food Processors

A food processor is an all-round machine than can handle grinding, shredding, and even baking tasks. They are much larger than mini chopper and will have a number specialized attachments.

Features to look out for in a Food Mixer & Processor

Food Mixers

- Attachment: Dough hook, beater, whisk, mincer, shredder, ice cream maker, blender, etc - Capacity (for stand mixers): 4 quarts is about the average size for a family of four people - Wire beater attachment: They are easier to clean - Weight: The machine should be heavy enough so it doesn't move around when in operation - Percherable (for hand mixers): Ability to perch a hand mixer on the edge of a bowl while it works - Lockable power heads (for stand mixers): This restrains the beater from moving up or down when working with stiff dough - Slow start feature: To avoid spilling ingredients - Splash guard: To prevent spilling ingredients

Food Processors

- Attachment: Grinder, shredder, slicer, whisk, egg whip, juicer, purée maker, blender, chopper, potato rasp etc - Capacity (for stand mixers): 6 to 9 cups is about the average size for a family of four people - Pulse/Burst Speed setting: For precisely timed chopping - Wide feed tube: Allows you to feed in larger pieces of food - Weight: The machine should be heavy enough so it doesn't move around when in operation

What’s your Budget

For food mixers, hand mixers are cheaper than stand mixers, while mini choppers are the cheaper type of food processor. In both cases, the cheaper devices perform limited tasks, have smaller processing capacities, and have fewer attachments.