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Juicer Buying Guide

Juicing is a quick way of adding a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet. However there are two basic types of juicers, each with its own pros and cons. In this buying guide, we would differentiate between the types and also give you some basic tips for selecting a new juicer.

Types of Juicer

Juice Extractors/Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers work by chopping the fruit or vegetable with a blade before extracting the juice through a high-speed spinning mesh strainer. They are fast and can be fed with large fruits without getting clogged. However they are noisier and extract less juice compared with a masticating juicer. Also, because of the heat generated in the extraction process the juice losses more nutritional value.

Cold-Press/Masticating/Auger-Style Juicers

A masticating juicer uses a drilling device (an auger) to crush the fruits or vegetable before squeezing out the juice through a mesh screen. They operate quieter and produce less foamy but more nutritious juice. They are suited for juicing leafy greens, and making nut milk or ice cream. However, they are slower. The food must also be chopped into smaller pieces to prevent clogging. For this reason several models have a reverse button.

Features to look out for in a Juicer

Juice Container

Check the size of the juice container (carafe) to see if it would be big enough for your everyday use. It will be also useful if the container has visible volume markings on it. These markings may either be in millimeters or ounces.

Feeding Tube

A bigger feeding tube for the fruits and vegetables is helpful for heavy users. You are able to load in more batches of food at a time.

Pulp Outlet

A useful feature is if the pulp (residue from the extraction process) is immediately extracted out instead of extracted into an internal container in the device. This eliminates the need to empty the container in the middle of operation.


Find out how easily removable the parts are. Purchase one with dishwasher-friendly parts if you need such a feature.

What’s your Budget

Mastication juicers cost more than centrifugal juicers. Many consumers may find a centrifugal juicer satisfactory for their use. Heavy users can opt for a mastication instead. It may cost more to buy but has a higher juice yield for each extraction process.